Golden Valley Eggs

Golden Valley Brands

From brown eggs to white eggs, from peewee to jumbo, Golden Valley Eggs has been bringing B.C consumers the wholesome, all-natural goodness of eggs since 1950.

Country Golden YolksFrom family farms in the Fraser Valley, Country Golden Yolks eggs come from free range hens. Our free-roaming hens have access to outside pasture, feed on the natural ground cover, and are fed a premium,
all-vegetarian diet that’s high in protein.

Born 3Born 3 eggs are laid by hens fed a premium, vegetarian diet that modifies the fat in the egg yolk. The advanced feed formulation is the result of research funded by the
Science Council of B.C. and the
National Research Council of Canada.

Gold EggFor consumers looking for specialty eggs like free run, organic, or liquid, GoldEgg is the obvious choice. GoldEgg is a national egg brand delivering local premium eggs to Canadian families, province by province.
In British Columbia, GoldEgg eggs are gathered from local B.C. farms.

Canadian HarvestHens that lay Canadian Harvest brand eggs are feed an all-grain vegetarian feed, containing only wheat, flax, soybean and corn. These premium brown eggs are
produced locally in B.C. specifically
for the local B.C market.

Rabbit River FarmsRabbit River Farms is committed to the values of socially responsible, sustainable and humane farming practices. We authored the original Canadian certified organic egg production standards (COABC) and were the very first SPCA (Humane) certified farm in Canada.