Our History

It all began in 1934 in Ridgetown, Ontario.

Lyle and Ina Gray established an egg grading station in a very competitive market. By 1969, they had eliminated the competition to become the one & only egg grading station in Ridgetown.

Today, Bill Gray carries on the family tradition. Under his leadership, L.H. Gray & Son has grown to become a major player in Canada’s egg industry.

With HACCP certified grading stations in both Strathroy and Listowel, Gray Ridge Egg Farms is one of the largest processors of farm fresh eggs in Ontario and is proud to display the Foodland Ontario logo on its products.

However, Bill Gray’s vision extends beyond Ontario. L.H. Gray & Son is an operating partner of
Golden Valley Foods, an egg market leader in B.C. with a state-of-the-art egg grading facility in Abbotsford. His vision was realized Canada-wide when L.H. Gray & Son Ltd. became a founding member of National Egg Inc., a Canadian marketing cooperative that brings local specialty eggs to market across Canada under the national GoldEgg/JauneDoré brand. Most recently, Sparks Eggs, a major player on the Alberta egg grading scene, was welcomed into the L.H. Gray & Son Ltd. family, further strengthening Bill Gray’s vision in Western Canada.

L.H. Gray & Son Limited is not just shell eggs, either. Holdings in Global Egg Corporation/EggSolutions in Toronto and Elmira, Ontario, and in Perth County Ingredients in St. Marys, Ontario, has brought the L.H. Gray & Son influence into the further egg processing industry, impacting both the food service and industrial food production markets.

Quality and food safety are paramount at L.H. Gray & Son. Our grading and food production facilities have each achieved at least a Level 2 SQF certification from the internationally renowned Safe Quality Food Institute. In fact, the Global Egg Corporation / EggSolutions operations plant in Toronto was the first further egg processing plant in North America to receive SQF Level 3 certification with an “Excellent” rating.

“Keep growing. Keep building. And operate as if you will go on forever.” That’s Bill Gray’s philosophy.

It’s brought L.H. Gray & Son a long way and it’s what keeps us moving forward every single day.