Gray Ridge Egg Farms

Gray Ridge Brands


Gray Ridge Egg FarmsGray Ridge Egg Farms has been bringing Ontario families Ontario eggs since 1934. Only the highest quality eggs are selected for sale in Ontario grocery stores.
Plus, with the Foodland Ontario symbol on-pack, you can rest assured that you’re buying local and supporting local Ontario egg farmers.

Gold EggFor consumers looking for specialty eggs like free run or organic, GoldEgg is the obvious choice. GoldEgg is a national brand delivering local premium eggs to Canadian families, province by province.
In Ontario, GoldEgg brand eggs are certified Foodland Ontario local.

Conestoga Farms eggs are laid by Ontario hens fed organic or enriched, all vegetarian diets.
All Conestoga Farms eggs are certified local by Foodland Ontario.

Foodland OntarioOur eggs proudly sport the Foodland Ontario logo, a sign of our commitment to being Ontario local and working with local Ontario egg farmers.
Look for the Foodland Ontario logo on Gray Ridge, GoldEgg and Conestoga egg cartons in Ontario grocery stores.